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Guifeng is a part of the world geological park Longhushan - Guifeng Geological Park and the world natural heritage "China Danxia". It is located at the south bank of Xinjiang River in south of Yiyang County, 60km away from Shangrao in the east and 35km away from Yingtan in the west. Tiger Mountain and Mount Wuyi between. Because of its "no mountain is not turtle, no stone is not turtle", and the entire mountain is like a huge giant headless giant turtle and its name.

Turtle peak development in the late Cretaceous 135 million years ago, is the erosive rain-year-old Danxia peak forest landforms typical representative. The landforms are characterized by peaks, steep cliffs, Fangshan, stone walls, stone pillars and stone peaks. The vertical linear grooves are developed on both sides of the cliffs, and the karst is weak. The micro-landscapes and their landscapes are composed of rare Danxia Shape stone peak, stone columns, etc., to preserve the relics of the prime Danxia landform.

Guifeng a total of 36 peaks, set "odd, dangerous, spiritual, clever" in one, known as "Jiang Guifeng the world rare" and "natural bonsai" reputation. Ming Dynasty geographer Xu Xiake tour turtle peak after the issue of "cover turtle mountain peak of the odd peaks, Wild Goose no" sigh. To the development of Danxia cave group features, Qidong flocks, a total size of 28 caves. Such as was built in the Jin Dynasty, "China's first Buddhist cave," South Rock Cave, "Zen Temple" double rock, "flying Yu track" Longmen rock.

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Dazhishan to Guifeng: Dajue Mountain Scenic Area to take the bus to the Zixi Railway Station, and then from the Zixi train station to sit K178 train to the railway station years, the last train station from the years to sit Guifeng landscape Area

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Dajue mountain to Guifeng: Dajue mountain → Fulan line → X950 → Yin Sheng Road → your white line → Shanghai Rui line → Guifeng